Design Tools

  • Blogger (Mac & Win)
    Excellent blogging tools that is free; must use Flickr to create a photo album; excellent range of professional designs.
  • Bubbler (Mac & Win $)
    A beta blogging tool that offers a number of creative feature and possibilities; lightning fast and very flexible; built-in photo album; a nice array of professional templates.
  • Flickr
    Photo sharing at its best; can be linked to a variety of blog application; excellent commenting and tagging; slideshow facility.
  • RapidWeaer (Mac $)
    A clever next-generation website creation application that is almost WYSIWYG; its blogging component lacks a commenting facility
  • Streetprint
    An excellent application for creating an archive of images or images of documents; can be collaborative; substantial user manual with good technical advice; installation may be a bit challenging.
  • StyleMaster (Mac & Win)
    Really a CSS style sheet generator but its Wizards produce competent, standards-compliant web pages; more useful for a website rather than a blog or photo album; must know what you're doing
  • Textpattern (Mac & Win)
    An elegant blog tool (or content management system) that will be going to version 1.0; photo album as plug-in; installation may be challenging; exceptional customization; templates available from 3rd parties.
  • TypePad (Mac & Win $)
    One of the most well-developed and fexible blogging tools; includes a photo album at Level 2 subscription; excellent professional designs.
  • WordPress (Mac & Win)
    Popular and fexible blogging tool with a variety of plug-ins; photo-album plug-in available; installation may be challenging although several hosting services provide 1-click installation; a variety of templates available.

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April 03, 2005


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As a rule I always tend to trust anything from the Smithsonian. If anyone wanted to piggyback on their name I'm fairly certain that they wouldn't permit it.

Charleen Spalding

How can I contact Paul Petrik who wrote about prostitution in Helena, Montana?

Thank you. I need to ask a question of her.

Joel Ng

Just a comment: I found myself completely unable to judge any of the sites within ten seconds, except the first because of the connection with Smithsonian (aren't arguments from authority fallacious?). Anyway, after that, I read the comments so I couldn't fairly participate in your poll now.


Glad to be of help, and look forward to seeing the outcomes!

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