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October 15, 2006


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Educational Tour Marm

In 1980, one could get on an Eastern Air shuttle at LaGuardia to go to either Boston or Washington National and pay on the plane!

One Friday after work, I decided at the last minute to visit a friend, who lived in Boston, for the weekend. I rushed from the subway to the bus to the airport and ran through the gate, and luckily boarded the ;ast flight. I was so proud of myself! Immediately after we leveled off, the captain announced that the flight time to Washington was an hour and 10 minutes!

There was nothing I could do about it mid-air, so I sheepishly paid the fare.

When I arrived in Virginia, I rememmbered I had a friend that worked at the Pentagon and contacted him - definitely a damsel in distress as I had never been to the area.

After crashing at his shared townhouse, we walked around Old Town Alexandria the next morning. It was beautiful!

I called my mother that day and told her I was moving; I've lived in Alexandria been ever since!

However, I can only reflect on how different my life would have been had that announcement been made at the time we were seated and not after the take-off!

Kelly in Kansas

Does not sound like a good flight home! But I am glad to see a new blog post. :-)

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