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June 11, 2005


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Frank Rusler

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J. Robert

I think there should be closing a and span tags around the endnote references lest your whole footnote text be a giant link. You've done this in your source but it was left off the example above for placing the actual endnote text.


I put the wrong address. it should work now.


Jeremy, I do think that your CSS solution is more elegant than mine. Much cleaner. And it does get rid of those pesky span tags. Nicely done. I did encounter a problem, however. When I click the endnote text reference to bounce back to the reference in the text, I get a "404 Not Found." Haven't had time to see what's happening in your code.


I've used CSS for footnotes by styling only the a tag using an a class="note" to style the foonotes. it uses the same basic CSS that you use, but doesn't require the span tag around the a tag, which means a lot less code. See my example here.
I also wrote a brief blog post on the technique


Fyi, I included this post in History Carnival #10.

Lisa Roy Vox (The Apocalyptic Historian)

I must say, looking at the examples over at archiva.net, that, in particular, the CSS pop-up is incredibly artful and really much better than the plugin for Movable Type. I hope that programmers will pay attention to your CSS markup and incorporate it into any plugins that they might create for that purpose.
While the MT plugin serves my purposes for now, I plan to try out your CSS code (for the pop-up) on a longer, more serious post at some point this summer.
I joined the "professional network" on sixapart.com, on the theory that I plan to use blogs in the classroom and am interested in learning more about programming. It gives me access to licenses for Movable Type and free support etc. You might consider doing so as well, if you use MT. Sending this link with the examples and showing the interest in footnotes and endnotes among academic bloggers to Six Apart might result in getting a plugin created by one of their programmers. But just a suggestion obviously.
Thanks so much for sharing this!

Sherman Dorn

Thank you!

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